15 Surprising Facts About National French Fry Day 2023 Revealed



The birth of National French Fry Day

Did you know that National French Fry Day was officially recognized in 2018? It's a day dedicated to celebrating the goodness of the beloved fried potato and enjoying the tastiest fries across the country.


World's longest french fry

Have you ever wondered how long a french fry can actually be? Well, the record for the longest fry ever measured is an impressive 34.76 inches! That's a giant spud stick!


Fry development: from potato to zucchini

Prepare to be amazed by the world's greatest mac and cheese creation! Find out how much cheese, pasta and love went into the making of this monumental dish that set a Guinness World Record.


The Secret Ingredient: The Double Fry Technique

Have you ever wondered how some fries get that perfect crispiness? The secret lies in the double fry technique. Many restaurants and chefs swear by twice-frying potatoes to achieve that unique texture.


The world's most expensive fries

Prepare to be amazed by the world's best fries! Topped with edible gold pieces and served with truffle aioli, these delicious fries will cost you $200 per plate. Indulge like a high roller!

Fries and sauce go well together, but did you know that the debate about the best dipping sauce is ongoing? From classic ketchup to creamy mayo and tangy BBQ, people around the world have varied tastes.


Fun facts about french fries

Here's a quick roundup of fun facts related to french fries! Did you know that Americans eat over 29 pounds of french fries per person each year? Or that the average french fry is about 6 inches long? These things will definitely impress your friends.


Oldest Known Fry Recipe

Believe it or not, the oldest known recipe for fried potatoes dates back to the late 17th century. This recipe, discovered in an old cookbook, reveals the early techniques used to create the iconic fries we enjoy today.


The world's largest fry order

Prepare to be surprised by the sheer quantity of fries you've ordered so far. In 2019, one fast-food chain received an order for an astonishing 1,080 pounds of french fries! That's a lot of spit!


Fry's visit to America

French fries aren't really French! They were introduced to America by Thomas Jefferson, who first encountered them during his time in France. So the next time you indulge in a plate of fries, remember their fascinating journey.


Curly Fry's Craze

Curly fries have a special place in our hearts and taste buds. But did you know that the first curly fry machine was patented in 1967? It revolutionized the way we enjoy those twisted and delicious potato threads.


The World's Largest Fry Festival

In a small town known for its love of fries, an annual festival is held to celebrate this crunchy delight. The event includes fry contests, fry-themed games, and even a fry-eating contest. It's a fry lover's paradise!


The Fry's Hollywood Debut

French fries have made their mark in Hollywood too! In a classic movie scene, a certain burger-loving character famously declares, "I want my fries!" The line became an instant cultural phenomenon, forever etched in film history.


Fry's connection to NASA

Believe it or not, french fries have a connection to space exploration! NASA scientists have discovered that the high levels of potassium in potatoes may help replenish electrolytes of astronauts during long space missions. Fries, the fuel of the future!


The world's largest fry sculpture

Get ready to be amazed by the world's largest fry sculpture! Made entirely of bronze, this monumental artwork stands an impressive 15 feet tall. True proof of the worldwide love for fries!