13+ Chicken of the Woods Recipes

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list these quick and easy 13+ chicken of the woods recipes for your next meal or get together to surprise your family and friends with its incredible chicken like taste and texture!!

Chicken of the woods is a wild mushroom that you can harvest in late summer to early spring. The mushroom is said to taste like chicken, and you can use it as a meat replacement in many of your vegetarian dishes.

If you’re new to foraging, you need to harvest chicken of the woods mushrooms carefully. And don’t forget to confirm your findings to an expert forager before using it. 

Since it is a woodland mushroom. And you can find the mushroom on oak or sweet chestnut trees. But be careful if you find chicken of the woods on yew trees. You must not use these mushrooms, as they can be poisonous. 

Chicken of the woods recipes

Chicken of the woods mushroom has a taste and texture exactly like chicken. So, it has a lot of versatility. You can replace it with chicken to make a vegetarian version of the recipe without compromising on its taste. You can make soups, pies, fries, and many more.

Here are 13+ chicken of the woods recipes that I’ve for you. All the recipes are easy, beginners friendly using simple kitchen ingredients, except chicken of the woods. For which you have to go to some woodland, search for some fresh and youngest chicken of the woods and bring them to your kitchen for some mouthwatering goodness.. 

1. Sautéed Chicken of the Woods

sauté chicken of the woods in some butter with shallot, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper. Try this quick recipe as side with dinner or snack for your snack time.

2. Italian Style Chicken of the Woods

Italian-style Chicken of the Woods sounds perfect, especially if you’re looking to whip up something for the whole family. These days, some relatives may be vegetarian or vegan, while others prefer meat, but this meal can satisfy everyone without any problem.

3. Chicken of the Woods Noodle Soup

Chicken of the Woods Noodle Soup is made with wild Laetiporus sulphurous mushrooms and soft, fresh, house-made noodles. This wild soup is healthy as well as extremely satisfying, it’s sure to be a hit with everyone!

4. Fried Chicken of the Woods Sandwich

This fried chicken of the woods sandwich is plant-based soul food. Crispy Chicken of the woods with ranch, slaw, buttery pickles, a thin tomato slice, wrapped under a soft onion bun. This is a recipe worth following!

5. Chicken Fried Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

Enjoy this crispy fried chicken of the woods mushrooms dipped in eggs and flour batter and coated with crushed corn flakes. Enjoy the crispiness of this wild mushroom with your favorite dips like lotus crack sauce or with homemade Smash Burger Sauce.

6. Chicken of the Woods Tart

Enjoy the goodness of Chicken of the Woods mushrooms and cheese in a delicious tart. With the delicious filing of chicken of the woods with cheese with crispy puff pastry, you can make this mouthwatering chicken of the woods tart anytime.

7. Stir-Fried Chicken of the Woods

Looking for a new and exciting dinner idea?? Check this quick and easy stir-fried chicken of the woods recipe. With some simple ingredients, and easy steps you can make this tasty dinner in no time.

8. Chicken of the Woods Mushroom Piccata

Fry these chicken of the woods mushrooms and serve with lemon and your favorite white wine sauced noodles with plenty of capers. Just 30 minutes, and your dinner is ready!!

9. Chicken of the Woods Mushroom Pie

Delight your tastebuds with a savory symphony of flavors in this Chicken of the Woods Mushroom Pie. This delicious dish combines the earthy richness of Chicken of the Woods mushrooms with the subtle sweetness of leeks and the aromatic essence of tarragon, creating a mouth-watering dish that is as delicious as it is comforting.

10. Chicken of the Woods Wild Rice Soup

Try this cozy chicken of the woods wild rice fall soup perfect to enjoy after a day of foraging. This classic Minnesotan recipe will warm your soul!!

11. Chicken of the Woods Nuggets

Make these chicken of the woods nuggets and enjoy chicken nuggets without chicken. These vegan chicken of the woods nuggets are best snack option for vegetarians.

12. Air Fryer Chicken of the Woods Wings

Crisp, delicious Air Fryer Chicken of the Woods “Wings” slathered in Buffalo sauce or BBQ sauce taste just as amazing as chicken wings! A great recipe for finding bait.

13. Canned Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

Canned mushrooms are delicious long-term foods, you can enjoy the canned mushrooms even in off-season and Chicken of the Woods mushrooms only need to be water bathed.

14. Hashbrowns with Chicken of the Woods Mushroom

Use your chicken of the woods perfectly with this easy and delicious Hashbrowns with chicken of the woods mushroom recipe. This vegan friendly recipe is best for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In Last!!

So in last, here are 13+ recipes you can make with your favorite chicken of the woods mushrooms from fries and burgers to soups, tarts and pies. Enjoy these easy, quick and delicious chicken of the woods recipes in your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you’re new to chicken of the woods foraging, must read my blog about chicken of the woods, its identification, harvesting and other details will help you to harvest best chicken of the woods for your next meal.

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