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Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos Recipe/Smash burger tacos TikTok

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Enjoy these delicious smash burger tacos that are made with tortillas, smashed with juicy burger patties and then topped with your favorite cheese and other tacos add-ins. 

Smash burger tacos
Smash burger tacos

Are you craving a burger that combines the goodness of seared juicy and cheesy petties with a crunch of tortillas? Look no further than these quick and easy smash burger tacos and if you love sandwiches, must try this easy avocado BLT sandwich

With layers of juicy beef, tangy smash burger sauce and melty cheese, all nestled in warm crispy corn tortillas, these big mac smash burger tacos will surely crave you more every time!!

big mac smash burger tacos

What is a Smash Burger?

Smash burger is a juicy twist of burger which is made with a smashed patty seared to perfection.

This method locks the juicy flavors of burger patties covering with the perfect crispiness that you’ll never experience in any other burger.

homemade Bacon Smashburger
Homemade Bacon Smashburger

Then topped with a layer of ooey-gooey melted cheese, tangy smashed burger sauce, chopped onion and crunchy cabbage takes the smash burger to another level of taste.

TikTok Viral Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos

If you’re into TikTok food crazes, you’ve surely noticed the hype surrounding smash burger tacos all over your socials.

Smash burger tacos, also known as Big Mac Tacos or Big Mag Smash burger tacos are a super viral recipe you’ve seen on social media, especially on Tiktok. It’s basically a mix between a big mac burger in taco style.

Smash burger tacos tiktok viral
Smash burger tacos tiktok viral

Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy patty, crispy and seared to perfection, nestled on a crunchy corn tortilla which takes this mouthwatering burger to another level of perfection.

And this is not the end.. The tortilla with seared patty is then topped with melted ooey-gooey cheese.

The game is not over yet, to complete the fantasy this taco burger is topped with your favorite taco add-ins like pickled jalapeno, cilantro, avocado, onion and crunchy cabbage.

Why you’ll Love these Big Mac Tacos?

  • The entire recipe is ready from start to finish in less than 30 minutes!
  • You will surely love this combo of Smash Burger with Tacos!
  • This is a party perfect meal, always welcomed and will make you the star of the party!
  • The recipe is cheap to make, using simple ingredients you can enjoy this Tiktok sensation at home!
  • This is a One Pot meal, which takes less equipment – less effort and an easy-peasy beginners friendly recipe.
big mac smash burger tacos
Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos

Ingredients for Smash burger tacos recipe

Gather the following listed ingredients to make this Big mac smash burger tacos recipe at home. Feel free to double or half the recipe according to your likings.

  • 6 small flour tortillas – you can also use corn tortillas if you like.
  • 1/2 pound ground beef – make equal balls of ground beef for juicy smashed patties.
  • salt & black pepper – For seasoning
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil – you can use any oil with a neutral taste for this recipe.
  • 6 slices of American cheese – any melty cheese is great for this recipe such as a slice of swiss cheese, cheddar cheese or gouda.
  • 1/2 white onion – diced into small pieces.
  • 12 slices of pickles
  • iceberg lettuce – shredded finely.
  • Smash Burger Sauce: You can use homemade smash burger sauce, or use a store bought for smash burger tacos.
ingredients for big mac smash burger tacos

Smash Burger Sauce

A delicious condiment that takes your burger to the next level with its creamy, spicy and tangy flavor.

Its a perfect mixture mayonnaise, ketchup, spices, herbs, mustard and other seasonings.

To make the smash burger sauce at home, gather the following ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tbsp ketchup
  • 1 tbsp yellow mustard
  • 1 teaspoon pickle juice (optional, for extra tartness)
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • Salt and chili powder to taste

How to Make Smash Burger Tacos??

Follow some simple and easy steps to make your mouthwatering Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos at home:

Step 1:

Start by taking a small tortilla, and placing on a flat surface for easy process. Make even balls of ground beef. Spread a beef ball over the flat tortilla evenly with hands. Do the same thing for all tortillas and set aside over a cooking rack or tray.


Step 2:

Heat a pan over low to medium heat. Flip the tortilla with beef patty over pan and let the meet cook thoroughly. Press the sides of tortilla with a masher or spatula. Turn the tortilla and slightly cook the other side until light brown.


Step 3:

Now place a slice of American cheese over tortilla, and cover it with a lid until the cheese melts.


Step 4:

Once the cheese melts, remove the tortilla from heat and top it with sliced iceberg lettuce, chopped onion and spread your homemade tangy smash burger sauce.


Step 5:

Enjoy your TikTok viral Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos immediately.


How to make Smash Burger Sauce??

Making smash burger sauce at home is quite easy. For this, just gather the ingredients of sauce and follow the steps carefully..

  • Take your favorite mixing bowl.
  • Add mayonnaise, ketchup, yellow mustard, pickle juice, garlic powder, onion powder, and diced pickles.
  • Season the smash burger sauce with salt and chili powder.
  • Mix everything well, and your easy homemade smash burger sauce is ready to use.

Smash Burger Tacos Calories

So the recipe calls for 6 smash burger tacos you can make and enjoy at home or for parties. You can easily double or triple the quantity to have more tacos in hand, as they’re so delicious and crowd pleasing that they’ll get devoured quickly.

Here is a quick snap of smash burger tacos calories and other nutritional facts:

  • Calories: 250-350 per taco
  • Fat: 15-25 grams
  • Protein: 10-20 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 15-25 grams
  • Fiber: 2-5 grams
  • Sodium: 300-600 milligrams
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Varies with toppings

The calories and nutritional facts of smash burger tacos are just estimated, which may vary with the brands of ingredients like cheese, and tortillas.

What to Serve with Smash Burger Tacos?

Burger is a delicious and classic favorite, oftenly served with fries, sauces, dips and many more. These smash burger tacos are so juicy and filling, that you can enjoy them on its own.

However, if you like to treat it as a full meal, you can go with these quick and easy 22 best sides to serve with burgers.

Some of my favorite sides to enjoy with these delicious burgers are:

  • Fries – Fries are classic accompaniment of burgers. You can enjoy French fries, sweet potato wedges or parmesan roasted carrot fries.
  • pasta house salad – Greeny, crunchy made with two type of lettuce and pasta house dressing.
  • Hawaiian macaroni salad – With full flavors of Hawaii you can enjoy at home.
  • Haitian Akra – Haitian Akra is a classic favorite of Haitian, usually made with taro root or malanga, spices and black beans.
  • Chilis Roasted Street Corn – Mexican’s favorite side, which is made with boiled corn on the cob smothered with spices and a tangy sauce.

Pro Tips for Smash Burger Tacos

  • Use a Hot Skillet: Make sure to use a hot skillet to cook the patties with tortillas. This will help to achieve a nice sear and caramelization on the meat.
  • Don’t overwork the meat: When forming the ground beef into patties over tortillas, handle it gently and avoid over pressing the meat. This will help to keep the patties tender and juicy.
  • Season well: Season the meat with salt, pepper and any other seasoning or spices you like. Don’t be afraid to add a little more seasoning to get some extra flavor.
  • Get a good sear: When smashing the burger patties, use a spatula or burger press and press the tortilla firmly to create maximum contact with the skillet. This will help to create a crispy exterior and locks the juices.
  • Melting cheese: If you’re adding cheese to your smash burger tacos, place a cheese slice on patty during the last minute and cover it with a lid to help the cheese melt evenly.

Quick Recipe Round-ups

Customize with your favorite toppings

Get creative with your favorite taco toppings. Here are some amazing and mouthwatering topping ideas you can swap for your smash burger tacos.

  • Start with classic toppings like diced tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuce, and sliced jalapenos.
  • kick it up a notch with more flavorful additions such as salsa, sour cream, and guacamole, it will add a creamy and zesty touch.
  • Adding sliced avocado, crumbled queso fresco or cotija, and chopped cilantro over tacos adds extra freshness and texture.
  • For citrusy and tangy bites, you can top the tacos with pickled red onions, or jalapenos and lime wedges to squeeze over the tacos.
  • Drizzle chipotle mayo or cilantro lime crema for a creamy finish that ties all the flavors together.
smash burger tacos
easy homemade smash burger tacos

How to store the leftovers?

These Big mac smash burger tacos are so delicious and heartwarming that there will be no leftovers surely..

However if you still want to store these smash burger tacos to enjoy later. Yes.. You can do it easily.

Just follow some simple and easy-peasy steps to store your leftover big mac tacos so you can enjoy the same taste and freshness later.

Cool down – Allow the tacos to cool completely at room temperature before storing. It will prevent the condensation and sogginess of tortillas.

Separate toppings – If possible, separate the toppings from the assembled tacos. This will help to maintain the freshness and texture of each ingredient.

Wrap Individually – Wrap each leftover taco tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap to keep them from drying out.

Store in an Airtight Container – Place the wrapped tacos in a resealable bag or in airtight container, it will further protect the tacos from air exposure and odors in the refrigerator.

Label and Date: Remember to label the container or bag with the contents and the date to keep track of freshness.

Refrigerate Properly: Place the sealed container of leftover tacos in the refrigerator as soon as possible, ideally within two hours of cooking.

When to enjoy the leftover smash burger tacos?

It is best to enjoy the smash burger tacos as soon as possible. Leftover smash burger tacos can typically last in refrigerator for up to 3 to 4 days. Beyond that, the taste of ingredients may start to alter.

Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos Recipe/Smash burger tacos TikTok

Recipe by Zanib MughalCourse: AppetizersCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time





These easy Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos are really a heart winning and crowd pleasing party appetizer, you can enjoy with your favorite smash burger sauce and yummy toppings.


  • 6 small flour tortillas

  • 1/2 pound ground beef

  • salt & black pepper

  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil

  • 6 slices of American cheese

  • 1/2 white onion

  • 12 slices of pickles

  • iceberg lettuce

  • Smash Burger Sauce


  • Take a small tortilla and place over a flat surface.
  • Make even balls of ground beef.
  • Place a beef ball over tortilla and spread evenly over tortilla with hand. Do the same for all tortillas and set aside.
  • Heat a pan over low to medium heat. Flip the tortilla over pan and let the beef patty cook. Press the sides of tortilla with a masher or spatula. Turn the tortilla and brown the other side.
  • Now place a melty cheese slice over tortilla, and cover it until the cheese melts.
  • Top the cheesy tortillas with iceberg lettuce, chopped onion and with tangy smash burger sauce.
  • So finally your TikTok viral Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos are ready to Enjoy.

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